The art of breeding

Our breeders use their knowledge and skill to create new hybrids that surpass the parental varieties. Only one of the thousands of seedlings we test emerges as a successful new variety.

Dedicated expertise

Our experienced plant selectors study thousands of unique plant varieties and pick out those that stand out for their beauty, abundance of flowers, disease-resistance and growth performance.

This dedicated expertise enables us to introduce outstanding new varieties.


Only the best make the grade

It takes years to develop a hybrid to the point where we are ready to introduce a new variety. The varieties that make it through the initial selection are repeatedly cultivated and extensively tested. Only varieties that have excellent scores for every characteristic are good enough for our collection.

We conduct tests in the Netherlands, Southern Europe, Central America and Asia so we can assess how the same variety performs in different climate conditions. The resulting information is used as input for the development of new varieties.


We lead the way in new developments, even if there is no immediate demand. We look for opportunities in the market and respond with gerberas that stand out for their colour, appearance and shape. Pasta, Pastini and Bolero are all special new varieties created by Schreurs.