9 Feb 2024

Successful debut for Schreurs' Sunshapers outdoor gerbera at IPM in Essen.

At this year's International Plant Fair (IPM) in Essen, Schreurs proudly presented its newest innovation, the Sunshapers outdoor gerbera! This groundbreaking product promises to revolutionize the world of garden plants, especially for gerbera lovers.

In a totally new, fresh and colorful booth, Schreurs managed to capture the attention of the many visitors at IPM Essen. Here, they proudly showcased their newest creation: the Sunshapers outdoor gerbera. This innovation is the result of eight years of intensive breeding and development by Schreurs’ experienced breeding team. The company, which has been active in breeding cut gerberas and roses for decades, decided in 2016 to take on a new challenge: creating a gerbera suitable for outdoor use. This initiative is the result from a globally growing demand for garden outdoor gerberas alongside traditional cut varieties. 

With the Sunshapers outdoor gerbera, Schreurs has developed a plant that is resistant to various weather conditions. The plant blooms from early spring until the frost period. Two specific series have been developed: the ‘Endless series’ and the ‘Tropical series’.

The ‘Endless series’ is known for its long-lasting blooming, with the plant producing flowers from early spring until the first frost. This characteristic makes this Sunshapers outdoor gerbera ideal for those who want to enjoy beautiful flowers in their garden throughout the entire season. On the other hand, the ‘Tropical series’ offers robust plants with flowers that remain blooming on the plant for an extended period, providing a colorful and vibrant appearance throughout three seasons.

"The main goal of Schreurs is to develop resilient garden outdoor gerberas that offers a high resistance to diseases and weather conditions, including several degrees of frost”, said a company spokesperson. "Additionally, we aim to create garden gerberas with larger and more filled flowers, blooming from early spring until the frost period”.

The Sunshapers outdoor gerbera generated significant interest from professionals in the horticultural industry during IPM Essen. Schreurs looks forward to further launching and distributing its newest product worldwide. With their ongoing pursuit of excellence and innovation, Schreurs remains a key player in gerbera and rose breeding. Of this, the Sunshaper outdoor Gerbera is their newest proof!