18 Apr 2023

Schreurs hosts Brazilian floral influencers for an insightful technical visit

Schreurs had the pleasure of welcoming a group of renowned Brazilian floral influencers for a technical visit on April 14th. The visit was part of an extensive programme and was organized by Flortec Treinamentos Cursos e Eventos and our Brazilian agent, Karís Trading Plants.

The aim of the visit was gaining insights into our rose and gerbera breeding process and selecting varieties with great potential for the Brazilian market. And, being influencers, they made sure to capture the moment with some amazing content.

We were delighted to host Andrea Kapps Daniel Cruz, Dannilo Camargos, Harley Vix, Juan Azevedo, Naiane Carvalho, Paulo Perissoto, and others affiliated. Check out the recap video below to see some highlights of the visit!