24 Jun 2013

Popular pink gerbera varieties

The following are popular rose and gerbera varieties that excel in beauty, growing and trade characteristics. 


A bundle of floral delight

A market leader in the pink segment, Kimsey® sets the mark for all of our pink varieties. Her pink petals and green centre add a certain appeal to any arrangement. She has an incredible vaselife of up to 3 weeks and a great stem length of 65 cm. Kimsey® has an exceptional production of up to 650 stems per m2 on substrate.



Bridal Kimsey®

She’s pretty in pink!

A mini gerbera beauty, she combines gentleness in her light pink petals and life in the green centre. She is a mutant of the super gerbera Kimsey® which is the market leader in the pink segment. Bridal Kimsey® adds character to arrangements. She compliments arrangements with other pastel coloured varieties and adds fun to cream/white arrangements.

A mini gerbera with a stem length of about 65 cm and a vase life of up to 3 weeks, Bridal Kimsey® is truly pretty in pink! She has a good production of up to 650 stems per m2 in substrate and is suitable for hot and difficult conditions.


A twirl of baby pink.

Maroussia® is a serene beauty exuding a creamy tone that makes her a perfect spring wedding flower. With an impressive vaselife of up to 16 days, her baby pink appearance make her an ideal addition to any floral arrangement. She has a production of more than 300 stems per m2 on substrate, a standard head up to 13 cm (diameter) and an impressive stem length of at least 65 cm. An easy grower, she is also recommended for hot and difficult conditions.